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Payment Methods


How to calculate delivery fee?

Updated on   27 Jan 2016


(1) General member:

Free delivery if spending* reaches US$20. A delivery fee of US$20 will be charged for spending under US$20. 


(2) VIP member:

Free delivery if spending* reaches US$100. A delivery fee of US$20 will be charged for spending under US$100. 


* Spending refers to the total billed amount net of coupons, gift vouchers, used coupon dollar cash rebate and other discount offers. (excluding Hong Sheng Store e-Gift Vouchers)

What are the covered service areas?

Updated on   27 Jan 2016

Service Area

Delivery service covers worldwide areas, 


Delivery service is not applicable to locations that cannot be directly accessed by worldwode courier location.  Our delivery service does not cover floors that are not directly connected by elevators. Please contact customer service representative when in doubts.


Hong Sheng Store will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused when products are left at the door or at the security office upon customer's request.

Self change delivery arrangements

Updated on   27 Jan 2016


Any change delivery must contact us before the goods ship out, otherwise buyer must contact courier by themself.


1) Each order will only be allowed to update once. Once confirmed, you will not be able to restore to the original schedule.

2) New delivery date must be scheduled only allow to arrange later than the original delivery date